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Nikkei – Peruvian food with Japanese influences

Publisert: 13. October 2023

Latin American cuisine is a melting pot of flavors, cooking techniques and food cultures – something that is particularly evident in Peruvian cuisine. One of the more famous of the Peruvian sub-cuisines is Nikkei; a style that combines the best of Peru with the best of Japan.


Have you heard the word Nikkei before? It may not be so well known in Norway yet – but it is the food culture that combines Peruvian and Japanese flavors and traditions. Peru has the second largest Japanese population in South America after Brazil, so it is perhaps not so surprising that Peruvian food is rich in Asian, and especially Japanese, flavors.

In the rest of Europe, and actually all over the world, Nikkei is a popular trend among restaurants. At Aymara, we have been inspired by this Peruvian cuisine, which offers impressive cooking techniques and flavors. With us, you will find both classic and modern Nikkei dishes on both the a la carte menu and the takeaway menu.


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aymara sushi oslo
Nikkei is an exciting combination of Japanese and Peruvian food culture


Japanese influences in Peruvian cuisine


During the early 20th century, a large number of Japanese nationals immigrated to Peru. As with most immigrations, the Japanese environment left its mark on Peruvian food culture. But it wasn’t just in the many homes that the mix of Peruvian-Japanese food was popular. Chefs with a Japanese background have also helped to leave their mark on Peruvian cuisine.

Over the years, famous Peruvian chefs with Japanese background have contributed to making Nikkei famous all over the world. Today Nikkei has become a more or less everyday word in most big cities in Europe – and most big cities have a good selection of restaurants that offer Nikkei dishes.


pork buns chicharron
Asian-inspired dishes such as bao buns are a common feature in Peruvian restaurants


The perfect match


The birth of the Nikkei style is anything but a coincidence. When the Japanese immigrants settled in Peru, it is natural to think that they would want to have “a little piece of Japan” on their plate in their new homeland. Both Peruvian and Japanese food culture is largely based on fresh fish, as both countries have large coastal areas. What could be better then, than combining the Japanese tradition of sushi with the Peruvian classic ceviche? Instead of the classic dices in ceviche, the Nikkei variant is made with thin, sashimi-like slices. Flavor enhancers such as ginger and sesame oil are common, in combination with the ceviche’s mandatory ingredients such as different chillies, salt, coriander and lime juice.

In short; take the delicate and elegant cooking techniques and flavors from Japan, and combine it with the spicy and fresh from Peru. And voilá – you have the perfect mix of two food cultures!


Peruansk tapas fra Aymara Peru
Welcome to a colorful and exoctic meal at Aymara Peru!