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Order take away from Aymara! Try Peruvian food like ceviche, Nikkei rolls or savory hot dishes, to enjoy at home, in the office or with a group of friends. Our new take away menu is perfect for those who want an exotic and tasty dining experience, without having to go out to a restaurant.


Aymara offer take away from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the the opening hours of the kitchen. We want to make it easy to eat fresh and good food, based on Norwegian ingredients with Peruvian flavors – for those who want an exotic takeaway option. The menu includes everything from sushi with a Peruvian twist to juicy tenderloin of beed with noodles in a creamy Huancaína sauce. The common thread is Nikkei; a style that offer exciting dishes from Peruvian cuisine with a Japanese twist.


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sushi takeaway oslo aymara peru
How about a Nikkei Nigiri with torched salmon, acevichada sauc and sesamy seeds?


Peruvian food with a Japanese twist


Peruvian cuisine is a true melting pot of food cultures and flavors. Nikkei is probably the most famous of the Peruvian sub-cuisines, and has become a hot trend in restaurants all over the world in recent years. Nikkei combines the best of Peru with the best of Japan; sushi with Peruvian flavours, bao buns and tempura dishes, to name a few examples. At Aymara, we have selected some of our favorites from the great Nikkei universe – so that you can have a proper restaurant experience at home, in the office or at your next party.

It is no coincidence that Peruvian food is rich in Asian flavors. Peru has the second largest population of Japanese immigrants in South America, and Japanese chefs have left their mark on Peruvian cuisine for decades. Famous Peruvian chefs of Japanese origin helped put Nikkei on the map – and today this style of food has become a popular feature in most European cities. In other words, it was about time Oslo too got its own place for Nikkei takeaway!


peruansk takeaway oslo
Ceviche, pork buns, tempura salad and beef tenderloin with udon noodles in a creamy cheese sauce are some of the dishes you find on our takeaway menu


Healthy take away Oslo


Are you tired of unhealthy food, and on the lookout for a new take away favourite? Perfect – our food is definitely different, and many of the dishes are based on ingredients that are stuffed with Omega 3. On top of that, you’re sure to discover flavors that you’ll want more of.

Try our best-selling Ceviche Nikkei with salmon if you’re in the mood for a sweet-sour taste experience with lots of texture – or our Tiradito Rocoto if you want a sashimi-like dish with a perfectly spicy marinade. In addition, we now offer a variety of sushi; plain Nigiris, Nigiri with Peruvian flavors and Nikkei rolls.


Takeaway sushi oslo aymara peru
A vegetarian sushi takeaway option; maki with shiitake, avocado, spring onion and cucumber




Take away menu Aymara Peru



Salmon, 2 pieces | 80,-

Torched salmon, 2 pieces | 85,-
Acevichada sauce, sesame seeds
F / E / SE / SO

Halibut, 2 pieces | 90,-

Torched halibut, 2 pieces | 95,-
Rocoto cream
F / E / SE / SF / SO

Toro tuna, 2 pieces | 115,-

Lomo (tenderloin), 2 pieces | 115,-
Huancaína sauce, salt teriyaki sauce
BL / M / SF / SO



Acevichado, 8 pieces | 175,-
Panko fried shrimps, catch of the day, avocado, cream cheese and acevichada sauce
E / F / HV / M / SE / SF / SK

Furai Tartare, 8 pieces | 185,-
Fried roll with tuna tartar and a sweet-spicy rocoto sauce
E / F / HV / SE / SF

Vegetarian Maki, 8 pieces | 160,-
Shiitake mushroom, avocado, cucumber, spring onion and sesame seeds



Ceviche Nikkei | 185,-
Diced salmon, shoyu leche de tigre, avocado, peanuts and deep-fried wonton
BL / F / HV / PE / SF / SE / SO

Tiradito Rocoto | 189,-
Catch of the day in slices, rocoto leche de tigre, cucumber and cancha
E / F / SE / SL



Nikkei tempura salad | 225,-
Panko fried shrimps, avocado, cucumber, daikon, mango dressing, trout roe and coriander sauce with citrus
E / F / HV / SE / SF / SK / SL

Chifa Bao Buns, 2 pieces | 175,-
Chicharron (fried pork belly), spicy hoisin sauce, rocoto mayo, cucumber and daikon
E / HV / SE / SF / SO

Udon Lomo | 160,-
Fried beef tenderloin, udon noodles with creamy Huancaína sauce, cherry tomato, red onion and shoyu glaze
BL / HV / M / SO




BL – Mollusc | E – Egg | F – Fish | HV – Wheat | M – Milk | PE – Peanut | SE – Mustard | SF – Sesame seed | SK – Shellfish | SL – Celery | SO – Soy



Order food in Oslo? Try our Peruvian takeaway!

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takeaway fra aymara peru
Enjoy tasty and healthy take away from Aymara Peru!


To ensure that the fish maintains top quality, we prep our ceviches and tiradito with leche de tigre separately. Pour the marinade over just before serving for perfectly marinated fish – and an authentic Peruvian experience!

Read more about ceviche – and get our recipe for leche de tigre here.