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Have you heard of Peruvian tapas?


Most likely not, because that is something we invented ourselves. Since the start of our restaurant in 2014, Aymara have served thrilling Peruvian flavors based on Norwegian seasonal produce, accompanied by delicious cocktails, colorful wall art and knowledgeable waiters. So when we renewed our interior, facade and outdoor serving area in 2021, we thought; why not renew our menu at the same time? Well, here we are! Formal dining became social dining, and the five-course menu was replaced with small dishes filled with exciting falvors.

We will guide you through our Peruvian tapas menu, and you can compose your meal as you please. The same flavors and quality as before, but with more freedom for you to choose. The same good service as before, but with even bigger opportunities for you to explore and discover new favorite dishes, wines, and cocktails. Aymara is playful, social and a place for all occasions – everything we love about a tapas restaurant. Sit by our bar with a glass of wine and some snacks, bring your colleagues to a Latin After Work, or invite your friend group to an unforgettable night with a sharing menu and Pisco Sour’s for dessert. We are passionate about giving everyone an experience with the Peruvian kitchen and sub-kitchens like Criola, Nikkei, Andina and Amazonica. All this in an unformal setting, bubbling with Latin American joy and playfulness. We can’t wait to show you!


Take a 360° virtual tour of Aymara here!


Outdoor serving


¡Bienvenido a La Terraza! During spring and summer, Aymara has a beautiful outdoor serving area in Parkveien with both small and bigger tables, lounge sofas, heating lamps, mobile bar and awnings that we can roll out when the weather is bad or the sun extra strong. When the weather allows it, we open the windows – so you can enjoy your delicious Peruvian meal outside, and still be a part of the good atmosphere inside the restaurant. The outdoor serving has sun between 12 pm to 17 pm during the summer and can seat up to 30 guests. We do not accept table reservations for La Terraza, so here it is first come, first served. If we have available tables outside when you arrive, we will of course arrange a table for you. We hope to see you in the sun in Parkveien again in the spring!


La Cueva


Welcome to our ‘cave’ – our so called Chambre Séparée, where we can seat up to 50 guests.

This part of the venue allows you to sit slightly more private, and is perfect for business dinners, weddings and other events.

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Opening hours

Monday to Tuesday: 16 - 22 (kitchen 21)

Wednesday to Saturday: 16 - 23 (kitchen 22)

On Sundays we rest