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Welcome to an arabic night in Oslo!

Publisert: 15. March 2024

In collaboration with the pop-up concept Hummus & Wine, we invite you to an exotic evening with mezzeh on the table and live entertainment on the floor. Welcome to an unforgettable evening for all senses at Aymara, Friday 5th of April!


For one, exclusive evening, we put Peruvian food aside, and instead let all the flavors and ingredients of the Middle East take center stage. Think oriental flavors and a vibrant atmosphere à la One Thousand and One Nights! Hummus & Wine has previously been arranged at Jimmys in Grünerløkka; both times with full seats and great feedback. We have had the honor of being guests ourselves, so we can vouch that both food and entertainment will live up to your expectations.

It will be (obviously) Oslo’s best hummus – but also a number of other mezzeh dishes; such as baba ganoush, Lebanese tabouleh salad and skewers with chicken, beef and lamb. Not least, it will be exotic, colorful and difficult to sit still!


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Meze oslo hummus og vin
Hummus as you have never tasted it before – both in the classic Lebanese style, and with beetroot


One Thousand and One Nights in restaurant format


Most of us probably have warm associations around the magical tales from One Thousand and One Nights. Warm lighting, candles, oriental music, colorful decor, seductive dancing… You can look forward to experiencing all these elements during our Arabic evening with Hummus & Wine. While you enjoy good wine and flavors from the Middle East, there will be both belly dancing and a DJ. We are betting on a festive atmosphere and magical moments with friends – or why not colleagues? Since the event is on a Friday, it’s actually a brilliant thing to attend if you’re looking for a different after work in Oslo!


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meze oslo arabisk aften
Welcome to a colorful and lively evening at Aymara, as Hummus & Wine takes over the premises!


Hummus & Wine menu – Middle Eastern food, sharing style


If having a very open mind, one can say that Middle Eastern food has a few thing in common with Peruvian food. Spices and ingredients differ, of course, but both of these food cultures are full of taste, color and exciting combinations. Just like in Peru, sharing food is a central part of the food culture in the Middle East. In addition, Middle Eastern cuisine has traditions that go back a long way – just like Peruvian cuisine. Other than those things, there probably won’t be much reminiscent of Peruvian food when Hummus & Wine takes over our kitchen on April 5th. But the flavors will be great – and you will definitely find at least one new favorite dish during the evening!


Here are the dishes that will be served, shared between everyone at the table:


Cold dishes
Baba Ganoush
Tabbouleh salad
Marinated olives
Freshly baked pita bread


Warm dishes
Waraq Enab
Falafel with tahini
Batata Harrah






Tabbouleh salat meze oslo
A fresh, Lebanese tabbouleh is a given element in a meze dinner


The Hummus & Wine concept


The Hummus & Wine concept was launched in 2023 by event founder Firas Hamza, who has cherished a dream of giving Oslo a piece of the Middle East for a long time. Not least, he wanted more people to taste the incredible food that he grew up with himself. Therefore, it was a no-brainer that his own mother should join him in the kitchen – and of course she will at Aymara on April 5th as well. Look forward to tasting dishes from the Syrian and Lebanese cuisine, based on recipes that have been shared between generations.


Join us for an unforgettable evening – welcome to a unique Arabic night at Aymara on April 5th!


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Meze Oslo libanesisk mat
Firas and his mum Hiam offer the best of Lebanese and Syrian food when they take over Aymara. Welcome!