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Aymara is closed permanently – but a new concept is moving in

Publisert: 1. July 2024

Dear, former guest – or curious new guest; Aymara unfortunately had its last opening day on 30 June. We appreciate each and every single one of you that has visited us, and cheered us on, over the years! Fortunately, someone else is taking over the keys, and will ensure new life and exciting flavors in Parkveien 64.

It is with a heavy heart that we have chosen to close Aymara, for this time. Perhaps we will be resurrected in the future. In any case, we are convinced that Norwegians benefit from Peruvian flavors and Latin American warmth from time to time. Whether it will be under the auspices of us, or someone else, remains to be seen.

But don’t despair! New, magnificent plans are being made for the our restaurant by Solli plass in Oslo. And even if it won’t be Latino, we have faith that it will be at least as good!


Hummus meze restaurant oslo
You haven’t really tasted hummus, until you have tasted the hummus at Hummus & Wine….


Hummus & Wine – the best meze in Oslo


As the doors of Aymara are now closed, another group of good folks have gotten the keys. They need some time to fix and tinker with the interior and menus – but when they open at the beginning of September, it will be with an atmosphere, food and level of service that we are convinced you will love. The concept is called Hummus & Wine, and the reason we are so confident in handing over the keys to these people is that they have visited us before. We ran a pop-up dinner in April together, and both we and those who visited us agreed; this is good. The flavors stick – and the concept will definitely be a breath of fresh air on Oslo’s restaurant scene.


Meze Oslo restaurant Solli plass
Look forward to filling the table with a varied selection of meze dishes. Or mezzeh, as it is actually called!


Meze from Libanon and Syria, according to grandmother’s recipe


Hummus & Wine will be a restaurant with food from the Middle East and an interior that gives the feeling of traveling in both time and space. A modern version of One Thousand and One Nights that tickles all the senses. Colours, soft fabrics, mosaic tiles, sofas and lounge groups. The menu will mainly consist of dishes from Lebanese and Syrian cuisine, with favorites such as tabbouleh, dolma, Baba Ganoush, falafel, home-baked pita bread – and Oslo’s best hummus. All according to recipes that have been passed down between generations. After all, there is little that beats grandma’s ancient recipes.


Meze restaurant oslo
Hiam provides steaming fresh pita bread, during the pop-up at Aymara in April


Sharing food is just as central in the Middle East as it is in Peru, so you can look forward to a real meze party with people you love at Hummus & Wine. It is also not completely far-fetched to say that food from the Middle East has something in common with Peruvian food. Different spices and ingredients, absolutely. But food from Lebanon and Syria is often colorful, full of flavor and offers exciting combinations of ingredients, just like Peruvian food. And like Peruvian cuisine, food from the Middle East has traditions that go back a long way.

We hope you look forward to visiting Hummus & Wine as much as we do – we are at least convinced that we are in for a tasty autumn at Parkveien 64! And while we wait; be sure to follow Hummus & Wine on Facebook and Instagram for teasers and updates along the way.


Libanesisk mat oslo dolma
Hummus & Wine’s heavenly dolma; vine leaves filled with meat, rice and a rich sauce made from tomato and garlic



The owners of Aymara are joining the journey with a new concept, and will be partially involved in the further operation of Hummus & Wine. A joint venture, with the common goal of enchanting guests with exciting tastes, experiences and a little escape from everyday life!


Restaurant Solli plass hummus wine
Co-owner Firas and his mother, master chef Hiam