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‘Cebiche’ by Aymara Peru


– Oslo’s first Ceviche bar!


The traditional, Peruvian dish ‘Cebiche’ [seˈβitʃe], as it is called in it’s home country, has become well known and loved among Norwegians. It has also become the signature dish of Aymara Peru at Frogner. In 2021, Aymara opened a ceviche bar at Mathallen Vulkan, with a vision to make even more people taste our different ceviches. At the end of 2022, we unfortunately had to close this department – but the opportunity to taste the Peruvian street food dishes served by Cebiche still exists. Cebiche will offer catering upon request, and maybe you will find us at a festival or event near you!

Do you want to order Peruvian food for a private company or corporate event? Call us on 21422450 or send an email to booking@aymara.no


Cebiche fra Aymara Peru