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Publisert: 15. August 2017

Aymara Peru & Pisco Bar

Aymara Peru is a modern Peruvian restaurant, located  in the heart of Solli plass in Oslo. At Aymara Peru, you will find dishes from all Peruvian cuisine – such as Criolla, Nikkei, Chinese, Andina and from the Amazon.

Peruvian cuisine can be considered to be one of the most progressive cuisines in the world. Many Peruvian dishes have Asian influences, making the selection very diverse and difficult to get bored of. We believe that Peruvian cooking techniques and flavors, combined with Nordic produce, is a perfect match to create fantastic culinary experiences.


The rich flora in Peru allows Aymara’s Pisco Bar to serve cocktails with exotic produce and new flavors to be discovered. The cocktail menu is largely based around Pisco; either by itself or in combination with other spirits. Sit down in our lounge to just enjoy a cocktail or two, or compliment your drink with some favorites from our snack menu. 


Welcome to Aymara – or as we say in Peru; ¡Bienvenidos a Aymara!