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Catering from Delicatessen

At Aymara’s sister restaurant Delicatessen you are served tasty tapas – and from the catering department of Delicatessen you can order both our Peruvian street food menus and classic Spanish tapas dishes!


Are you organizing a conference, company party, Christmas party or just a pleasant dinner party? Delicatessen Catering offer both lunch boxes, finger food and delicious tapas menus with exciting flavours. For larger parties, it is also possible to order colourful Aymara menus, with Peruvian classics as ceviche, causa atun, steam bun and confit pork ribs.


Do you want to know more about Aymara catering menus? Send an email to Delicatessen Catering!


catering oslo aymara
Some of the Aymara dishes that you can order from Delicatessen Catering


Lunch catering in Oslo


Delicatessen Catering also offers catering for lunch every weekday until 2pm. Choose between meeting food like sandwiches and wraps, or two different lunch menus with tapas. You can order with delivery to the office, a function room or other location in Oslo and sorroundings. Lunch caterings must be ordered in a minimum of 20 portions, and can get the lunch menus by sending an email to catering@delicatessen.no. 


Vegetarian catering menus


Do you want to order vegetarian catering? Delicatessen Catering offers vegetarian tapas that are completely free from animal products, and can therefore be eaten by vegans too. The vegetarian menu contains colorful variants of classic Spanish tapas dishes and is both filling and flavourful. If you have allergies or other dietary preferences, you can simply note this when you place an order, and the chefs will adapt the dishes that you cannot eat.


vegetar catering oslo
Vegetarian catering menu from Delicatessen Catering – full of flavors and healthy ingredients


Delicatessen catering delivers in Oslo and the surrounding area every day of the week, or you can choose to pick up the food at the catering kitchen by Carl Berner in Oslo free of charge. All menus are delivered ready to serve, and if you don’t want to think about cooking when you organize a party, you can order ready-heated food that is delivered in thermo boxes.


Order catering


Are you organizing a larger party? Send an email to Delicatessen Catering to be sent a catering brochure.  


fingermat catering oslo
For larger parties, Delicatessen Catering also offers delicious pintxos and finger food menus